windows-doors-and-more includes all those other things you need when pouring concrete - particularly window wells and window bucks for your basement windows.

pouring foundation windows This picture shows the window well and the opening where the window buck formed the window opening.

Todays home building code requires basement windows be big enough and have large enough window wells so a grown man could get out easily, if he had to. They also require that the window have a window well to meet the needs of your basement windows, as well as a ladder to get out. The ladder must be available at all times in the window well so a child or any person could easily get out of the basement in the event of fire, if needed.

It scares me to think of the little tiny windows in our basement when we were raising our rather large family. On one side of the house were little 18 inch by 2 feet windows, and on the other side of the basement were large family room windows.

Steel grates and plastic covers are available to keep leaves and weather or other debris from filling up the window well.

Your inspector will require 6-12 inches of gravel be put in each window well for proper drainage.

Some stores will offer steel window frames, aluminum windows, and corrugated galvanized window wells which can be used in residential, basement and foundation construction. There are some high tech window wells too, but the most common are the corrugated types for residential use.

As to where you go to find the window bucks and wells? I'd google it and see who provides in your area. The cement contractor would likely know, too.

 foundation window wells

The cement sub may include these in his bid, however, you personally can order them so YOU can pay for them yourself. The more things you pay for yourself, the safer you are all the way through this housebuild.

Wherever you place a window in your foundation, you have to have a window buck which will leave the opening for your window. The cement sub can put in the window well, provided you have them there as he is pouring the cement.

Talk to your footings and foundations cement contractor about your windows-doors-and-more, and see if he will include installing the window wells, as well as the window bucks, in his bid when he is pouring the basement walls. Get it in writing! Have him FAX this fact to you.

You also need the window bucks delivered before they pour the concrete for the foundation. You will need to order both the bucks and window wells and have them delivered when your cement sub begins pouring the walls. Coordinate with him as to when to have your windows-doors-and-more (window bucks and window wells) delivered.

Concerning Basement Windows

Cement Window Bucks take a specific type of window. Windows in the framed part of the house are totally different from basement windows.

NOTE: Basement windows can generally be purchased at the same window store as sold you the window bucks.

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