You will most likely buy new, but occasionally your cabinets will be used-kitchen-cabinets. Your kitchen design may include pantry cupboards, kitchen cabinets and cupboards plus islands or bars. They likely will be the most "used" item in your home.

If you are doing kitchen remodeling then you may have ideas of refacing your used-kitchen-cabinets.

As the GC, you should look to get a discount on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets rather than pay retail price. You'll have to shop around to find a company that will work with you on a general contractor level.

We shopped around and found two local cabinet-makers who were in line with what was in our budget. We got a lot of custom work done including the following for our used-kitchen-cabinets:

  1. Staggered crown molding on top of the cupboards

  2.  cupboard  crown molding

  3. Custom built hood over the stove

  4. Pantry cupboards custom installed around the fridge
  5. kitchen cupboards pantry cupboards

  6. Island custom built w/4 36" pull-out shelves
  7. Drop down eating area from island, including table legs
  8. Matching cabinetry front for a linen closet in bathroom
  9. china cupboard

  10. Glass front doors on 2 kitchen cupboards (4 doors)

All the custom work only cost us about $800 extra. That amount included the island cabinets as well as the 4 pullout shelves in the island, and the custom built range hood. We felt that was a very fair price, all things considered.

The thing that gave us the ideas for some of these kitchen cabinet design ideas for our used-kitchen-cabinets, was from the houses we had lived in before. We had the kitchen island design with the drop-down bar-table arrangement in a previous home, only this time we added table legs instead of having a center support.

We had the tops of the cupboards staggered because we liked the look of a nice crown molding on top of the varying height of the tops. We saw some 6 inch crown moldings which were a little much for our home, but in an upscale home, with 10 foot high ceilings, they are beautiful.

The range hood over the stove was a last minute used-kitchen-cabinets idea, and it turned out to be a real eye-catcher. It really sets off the kitchen as the eye is drawn to it first thing when entering the room.

Our son's home had a unique range hood that we liked, so we inquired of the possibility to our cabinet-sub and he offered to build one for our kitchen too. It turned out quite remarkable. We had to insert a fan and light which is a story all itself.

The pantry around the fridge was an idea we got from our daughter's homes. This gives us 2 deep pantry cupboards with near 20 inch depth shelves from top to bottom. To learn more about them

See pantry cupboards around fridge HERE.

We have under cabinet night-light which connects into the electric circuitry, up behind the cabinet. There is an on-off switch for this above by the sink.

One lower corner cabinet includes a turntable, which had to be installed on site. We have a corner door that is installed on an angle.

The turntable is something that we had in another home we lived in when we lived in Idaho. It proved to be the best use of the space in the corner. See corner cabinet HERE

With a turntable, you can either have an angled door or a “V” cut out of the turntable with cabinet built into the V. In the 2nd case, the “V” door sometimes opens, or just turns around with the turntable depending upon which you ordered. I've seen them both ways and prefer the door turning with the turntable. All in all, the angled door is my preference.

A turntable in the upper corner cupboard is not recommended, as too much space would be wasted since it is a smaller depth of shelf and the turntable would only be a little one..

Corner cupboard

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