Different types-of-trees may be found in your yard landscape including shade trees, maple trees, evergreen trees, and fruit trees. Trees add character to your yard by framing your home and making a beautiful statement to the world. Their branches lift upwards towards the heavens and yet their roots make them a solid addition to your landscape.

blooming tree
Adding trees that bloom will color your landscape palate with different colors through out the year. Here is a beautiful tree in late spring that adds a nice touch to this yard.

Many trees leaves change color through out the growing season. They may be green through the summer and turn to a brilliant red in the fall, or the leaves may unfurl in springtime as a bright yellow and turn to a deep green later on.

Palm Tree

Palm trees are a favorite in the southern climate. They are very sensitive to cold and cannot tolerate freezing temperatures, so homeowners have to be willing to accept this possibility when adding palm trees to their yard landscape.

This palm tree is found in a desert landscape and has a special spot in this yard. It rules the yard with it's majesty and honor.

Evergreen Tree

The beautiful Evergreen tree is a popular tree both in the north and the south. They are enjoyed year round because they stay green through winter and summer.

They comes in various types such as

  • cedar

  • austrian pine

  • Pine

  • spruce

As with other trees, evergreens need plenty of water especially in the heat of the summer. The spider mites love evergreens and so a specific pesticide for spider mites needs to be applied at the first indication. Since insecticides don't kill the eggs, then another application needs to follow in 10 - 14 days.

fruit tree

Some homeowners love having fruit trees in their yard. There are fruit trees that come in various sizes such as

  • dwarf
  • Semi-Dwarf
  • Standard

The smaller of this types-of-trees produce fruit of normal size, but they take up less space but yet producing sufficient fruit for the homeowner.

For home use the dwarf and semi-dwarf are often planted because the yard is small and there is not sufficient space for a standard sized fruit tree.

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