There are many types-of-roses which vary from climbing roses, tea roses, yellow roses, hybrid roses to wild roses which is where they all began.

We used to have a big yellow rose bush of wild type roses.

Yellow roses were the first rose bush I ever  saw... In my sheltered life, I didn't know there were other roses, until one day I saw a long stemmed red rose. And then I got a Jackson and Perkins catalog and marveled at all the beautiful roses.

Scientists have tried to make roses better, and thus have created the hybrid rose.

Different colors have been developed until there are virtually any color of the rainbow with regard to roses.


Types of Trees

tree in bloom

Tree in Bloom

Flower Gardens for your yard

decorative flower gardens

Flower Gardens

Ponds and
water features

Waterfall and pond

Water Features

A Firepit for your yard


Build A Firepit

Raised Garden Bed
Surrounded by Pavers

Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed