Almost everyone has thought of getting “off grid” by using a solar-generator or home solar panels to produce electrical power for their home.

Some people even use rv solar panels.

With the rising cost of power and other utilities, plus food and gasoline, we all may want to consider new sources for alternative energy.

Many people are claiming that you can DIY in regards to solar power. To hire this type project done is very expensive, however there are a lot of people with DIY information explaining where to buy the componant parts and pieces, how to build the panels, and where to place them for best results, and in cases I've seen the information is all for under $50. We haven't built them, but the information is believable.

I've been doing a little research about getting “off the grid” and found some interesting information about converting solar power to hydrogen power. Granted this program takes up a lot of room and is expensive, but so were computers back in the 70's - both big and expensive.

Check out these videos to learn more. In one case here the elaborate system has paid for itself eight times in a dozen years. home using solar & hydrogen power another video

RL worked on computers back in the 70's, repairing the big monstrosities. They filled entire rooms and used up enormous amounts of energy. Then within 20 years the small PC was developed that could do everything and more than those original computers.

The computers in those days recorded everything on magnetic tape and had to have data put on cards and fed into the machine manually. They now fit on a desktop and contain memory that holds mega gigabytes of storage space. In the '80s our first Apple computer cost us close to $5,000 with one publishing program.

By the 90's windows had adopted the Mac's user friendly methods and voila` we have modern technology which is much less expensive, user friendly, and small enough to fit in your purse. For under a thousand dollars you can get a souped up computer that can do just about anything.

The purpose of that lengthy explanation about computers was to remind you of how new technologies evolve and suggest that these “once expensive”, take up a lot of space, off the grid, save on electricity projects or solar-generator efforts, will be scaled down to take up a fraction of the space, and they will become more affordable in another 1-20 years.

What amazes me is how solar and wind power can generate electricity which can completely remove a house from the grid and any need for being reliant on the city for power. In addition, you can now store the unused power to save for those days when the sun doesn't shine. At the same time, you can sell any excess power back to the electrical company. And even more amazing, this same power can power your car, at least for short, 40 mile, close to home trips.

Building your home as owner/contractor

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Building the Inside
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