sub-contractor bids

In building your small-house-floorplan, you need sub-contractors who specialize in their particular field.

home construction loan NOTE:

If you take at least 2 sub-contractor bids from two or more subs in the same area of expertise with you to the bank,(ie: plumber, electrician,framer, cement etc.{2 bids each category}) you will appear to the banker, that you understand the building process better and know what you're doing as you apply for an owner-builder home construction loan.

Just like shopping around for a construction-loan, you also shop around for your subs for their bids.

You will want to make a vertical list of all the subs you will need to build your house. This site lists most all of the subs you will need. If you are serious about building a home, I suggest that you read all of the pages on this website that pertain to building and make a list from that.


  • phone each of them asking for their availability.
  • How soon could they get to your housebuild project?
  • How big of a crew do they work with at each location?
  • How far out is their work?

NOTE: Many subs, such as plumbers, have 2 or 3 crews consisting of 3-5 members each. Some groups will be working at other locations than your house.

You'll get a warm fuzzy feeling for some of these contractors, so make a note of them in particular on your list.
architectural houseplans When your small-house-floorplan is finished then get a copy of the plans to those subs you have selected so they can give you a bid. Ask them how soon they can have your bid ready? Also, will they fax, email, or deliver their bid to you?

NOTE:I suggest you get a K7.Net fax line which comes directly into your computer. CLICK HERE to learn how.

There is no cost for it, however, you have to use it within a 30 day period, or you will lose it. My subs were able to fax me their invoices, contracts, estimate bids, etc. This was a necessity in building my home.

By getting 2-3 bids you assure the bank, and yourself, that if one sub is unable to respond when you need them, then you have backup so your housebuild doesn't come to a standstill.

We had a good experience to back up that last statement. In the beginning of our housebuild, we had been held up by the city in getting started, and so we wanted to proceed as quickly as possible with the cement work. We were told by our cement crew that it was going to be near 2 months before they could begin work. I went to my Sub-Contractor list and found another cement man who could get on the job in two days instead of 2 months.

The good news was that it only took my new footings and foundation sub 1 day to build the footings forms and pour, and 1 day to strip the forms . It was the same with the foundation, so in less than a week, we had our footings and foundation poured and forms stripped for our small-house-floorplan. We were up and running.

The following are a few of the sub-contractors you can start getting bids from

List of subcontractors needed for building a house

I put these Sub-Contractor headings vertically in a table that contains a column for the type of Sub, one column for the telephone #, one for the name of his Company and one for the contact person.

This list was the one I referred to the most as we built our house.

After you have several bids from your main subs, you will want to compile copies of the bids into a small-house-floorplan folder and take them to the bank to apply for a construction loan.

Another thing that is vital to a successful small-house-floorplan housebuild, is to sign a contract with each of your subs. Many of them will have their own contract for you to sign, however, if they don't give you one to sign, then you present them with one. It is a protection to you that will save you potentially thousands of dollars.

Always refer to your fax line. They can fax most anything you need from them over the fax line.