As the framers begin your residential-house-framing or floor joists, you realize that they are using engineered floorjoists which makes for a very sturdy sub-floor.

It is so exciting to see the house you've been planning for so long, come up out of the ground as framing floor joists progresses.

We generally had only two people building our house, and it went together quite quickly.

Engineered floor joists

Floor joists seen from the basement looking up

The sub-floor boards or engineered trusses, go on after the sill plate is in place. This pix shows the floor joists from below. If you look closely, you can see the sill plate.

Next comes the ¾ inch tongue and groove chip board which is placed on top of the joists as framing subfloor progresses.

Each sheet is supposed to be glued to the floor joists, and nailed or screwed down about every 3 inches.on every floor joist. This should minimize the squeaking floors later on, although we still get a little noise in our house.

sub flooring

When the framers are putting down your subfloor it is a very critical time for you to be inspecting your framers at work, unless you like squeaky floors. Watch for both the gluing down and nailing or screwing down every 3 inches.

sheathing floorjoists

Floor joists being covered with sub-floor boards

It is important that your framing crew works speedily towards what is sometimes called “weathered-in” That is when you are completely enclosed with doors and windows in place. There are two major reasons for this to occur quickly:

  1. Bad weather can damage the floor boards making them swell and be uneven to walk on.
  2. The home can be locked up to keep tools and supplies from “walking off” from the job site at night when no one is around.

Building a House

Footings Forms
Pouring Cement

Footings Forms

Footings Forms

An Engineer/Architect
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Drawing up Houseplans


Engineer Architect

The houseplan RL Designed
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 Our Houseplans

Our Houseplan

Rough plumbing
Before laying cement floor

Basement Plumbing

Basement Plumbing

Floorjoists laid
before Subfloor

Floor Joists

Floor Joists

Walls going up

Building walls

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Installing Trusses