Using refaced-used-kitchen-cabinets as a kitchen remodeling idea easily transforms your "old" kitchen into "new".

My friend, who helped us in building our home-built4u, loved our new cabinets and so she went to our cabinet builder and asked him if he could reface her kitchen with the same look as our cabinets. He talked her into redoing her bathroom cabinet fronts as well, and she suddenly had "new". (CLICK HERE to learn more about building our home) Of course, she had to re-do her counter-tops, and then she put in her new fake wood flooring and you would never know her kitchen wasn't entirely new.

Well, maybe that's not entirely true, because of her appliances, but you get the picture.

If your budget is tight and you want a new kitchen, then reface what you have already.

My friend had a few areas in her kitchen that she always wished there was a cabinet, so she added a few "new" cabinets into the mix. It really transformed her kitchen.

You too, can add a cupboard in 'here or there ' to make it more efficient, and WOW, what a change. It can give you a new "lease on life".

You may want to replace your sinks and fixtures just to complete the look.


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