The programmable-thermostat is a great energy efficient tool that will help save money on your heating and air conditioning costs. Whether you choose a honeywell thermostat or any other pro unit, you will rest easy knowing you have the best, to handle your home's needs in heating and airconditioning.

There are many things you can do to increase your home's energy efficiency, (like closing the door so heat will not escape when you go outside), but the programmable thermostat is probably one of the most significant in relation to heating or cooling your home.

The programmable-thermostat is crucial to the number of times the furnace or air conditioner comes on each day.

If your present thermostat is a circular one, you can update the thermostat to a programmable-thermostat, and thus you will have a much more energy efficient unit in your home. If you are building a new home, then a programmable one will probably be included with your new furnace and air conditioner, unless you are installing a very basic furnace.

The programmable thermostat is so sophisticated today that you can program it to turn the furnace on when the temperature gets to a certain point, and turn off when the temperature you desire has been achieved, and can be programed for two different schedules during the day.

The programmable thermostat could be called a "smart thermostat" in that you can program it to turn the furnace down while you are not at home, and program it to turn on 30 minutes before you all will arrive home so it will be warm at home when you get there. Or likewise, you can turn the temperature down at night while you sleep and then up again a half hour before you get up in the morning so you can be comfortable when you get up. By layering your bedding you can stay warm in winter, while you sleep in a cooler environment.
The thermostat for air conditioner and the furnace is the same and uses the the same furnace ducts and blower to distribute the cooled air. You can set the thermostat to cool to your desired temperature while you are home, and allow the home to be warmer while you are away during the hot summer months if no one is home.

Thus by programing your schedule into the programmable thermostat, you can have up to a 30% savings on heating and cooling your home.

It doesn't make sense to settle for a circular old style thermostat, when so much flexibility and savings is possible with the programmable types. If you don't a programable one, they are very affordable and they are easier to install than learning to program them, which isn't that hard.

The furnace itself can be more or less efficient, depending on the age of your furnace. If your furnace is over 15 years old, it likely is not an energy efficient one. You can get 80%, 85%, or 90% - 95% energy efficient furnaces which coupled with the programmable thermostat, will give you the greatest savings and flexibility.

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