When it comes to door hardware, pocket-door-hardware is what people really want to know about.

All the door hardware is basically similar, whether it be yale door hardware or stanley door hardware it's all about door security hardware. Pocket doors slide, so you need the slider and rail. If the pocket door locks, then you'll need the locking mechanism for it too.

Basically other doors need

  • hinges

  • door knocker

  • dead-bolt and lock

  • door handles

  • door knobs

  • peep holes

  • security chain locks, etc.

If you want a wireless lock, you can include it in your home, too. They are not just for the movies.

There are many varieties and styles of hardware, so shop around and decide on your likes.

For instance, RL (my husband) wanted brushed nickle for everything on all the doors in our home. We had used brushed nickle for the light fixtures, and kitchen drawer pulls and so he wanted the door fixtures to match. Even in one of the bathrooms we had used brushed nickle. Actually, brushed nickle is a lot more expensive than chrome, as we soon discovered as we purchased our fixtures and hardware.

You might want to consider the additional cost as there are many doors and don't forget to triple that number in hinges when choosing your door hardware.

Door handles come with the complete works, including the plate in the door where the latch catches, the mechanism that fits inside the door, and both handles on each side of the door.

For the front door, people often want more than a round knob for a handle. They want a special handle indicating "this is the front door". There are many styles of these "front door" handles. Your local hardware store should have a multitude of examples. The internet will also show you many pictures of what's available.

dead-bolt and lock,

Pull down door handles

front entry handle

  • Exterior Doors

  • Interior Doors

  • Garage Doors

  • pocket-door-hardware
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