patio-landscaping ideas

Nearly everyone wants some sort of patio-landscaping in their yard. It's a place to go relax and listen to the sounds of nature. It is also an extension of your living space out doors, where you can eat during the hot summer months, or just relax after a long days' work.

Patios can be merely a grassy area in the shade of a large tree, or they can be paved with cement or even pavers or slab rocks. They may be covered, with their design built into the structure of the home, or even a pullout shade, which shields you from the sun's rays.

patio firepit

The pavers show up very nicely in this picture. A firepit has been placed on one side of the patio. If you have a patio firepit, you need a fairly large patio, so there is room to put chairs around the firepit and still leave room for people to walk around the chairs.

courtyard patio

A courtyard patio is very nice too.

This picture is taken from inside a covered courtyard patio, looking out. Notice the pavers are bigger stones than the pavers in the firepit picture above.

A courtyard gives you a secluded area where you can go to read in the shade and relax on a hot afternoon on your favorite recliner or chair.

patio stones

This is a flagstone rock look. It has to be planned for because each rock is different size and shape. The rocks have to be placed in such a way as to utilize the space allowed without any holes or gaps.

Patio  flowers

This particular patio is along the back of the house with plantings of flowers around the edges of the pavers. It is nice because there is little upkeep, other than an occasional weeding, and feeding nutrients to the plants.

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