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The type of doors used needs to be considered when painting-doors. As an example when painting exterior doors an exterior paint needs to be used on the outside of the door, but when you paint interior doors you'll need an inside paint for them.

All of our exterior doors are metal and came primed with an exterior primer that was made for painting on metal. To paint the outside of the front door requires an exterior vinyl paint so the outside doors can withstand the weather well.

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We used an interior semi-gloss enamel paint on all our trim-work and on all inside doors. We used the same color for the interior doors as the trim-work.

Some people like the look of wood throughout their home, and in that case would purchase wood veneer doors or solid wood doors and then stain and varnish them. The semi-gloss has always been our preference for indoor doors because of the high usage that they get, and with little children, they have to be cleaned regularly and semi-gloss paint holds up better than a flat paint.

All our inside doors were painted before installation with the pressurized spray paint system that our painter used throughout the house.

In painting the doors you have to remember to leave the top and bottom of the door as raw unpainted surface so the door can breath. If you paint doors on top and bottom, the doors will swell and then bind when you open and close them.

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