Before the internet ever entered our lives; back when making-money-online was only theorized about, I was involved in what was called Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing. It was my good fortune to earn a car in one MLM company, and that was while raising 9 children. Nine kids underfoot and trying to do a business? I must have been nuts!

I call it the “dangle the carrot” days. I tasted the carrot and knew what it was like to make money through network marketing. And even though the money was snatched away, I'd tasted the carrot, and knew it was possible, so I continued to try with little success.

Enter the internet. Without a doubt I was sure there was money to be made using the internet, and I set out to making-money-online, enough so we could live comfortably and not just from paycheck to paycheck, "robbing Peter, to pay Paul.”

In the meantime, marketing geniuses learned that using the binary marketing plan, the payout would insure the owners made tons of money and the little guys at the bottom would almost certainly fail. This plan worked marvelously.

Being one of the little guys, I tried and tried to make money using every available method from mass mailing and auto-responders, to being paid to surf the net, to binary plans, to heaven forbid the 'breakaway plans'.

I hated the breakaway programs. After all, I had lost my check 3 times in the one I had earned my car in. The owner of the company kept changing the marketing plan, and our checks kept being cut in half. BUT...I'd tasted the carrot, and it tasted GOOD so I'd try again!

In that program I actually had over $28,000 of volume pass through my line each month. This was nearly 30 years ago and I indeed earned $2,000+ a month while raising 9 children. A lot of people made much more than that, but remember, I still had 9 kids at home, with no downline to build the business for me.

The truth be known, I made more from that “before the internet” breakaway program, than any online program out there.

I honestly tried making-money-online, and in spite of my vast knowledge and experience could not make it happen online.

So, always looking, I've tried freeze dried products and "juice" programs that cost $50 - $150+ per month. With the economy as it is, we only found products we need but couldn't afford.

But remember, I'm open minded and so I continued to look. Now....

Recently a new business has emerged which uses only the money we are already spending, and saves us money on that. SEE IT HERE.

We can be debt free and financially independent by jumping through a few hoops in this biz, that anybody can do. It's called Serving, Sharing, and Saving. You can do that one on one, or have a tasting party. How fun!

So take a look and see if this interests you.

Grab a quick look at this business HERE

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