Adding special effects such as landscaping-with-rocks, you can highlight a special feature in your landscaping plans, whether it be landscaping a hill, landscaping a slope, or simply having rocks in you back yard landscaping.

using small rock in place of lawn

landscaping rocks

Many people use various grades of gravel instead of grass for landscaping. They will also use colored rocks in various shapes and sizes.

People often use gravel for the parking area and also for RV parking. To see other uses for gravel click HERE

Road base rocks add a completed look to your property, when all your landscaping is finished. When weeds start to show up just spray a little weed-killer on them.

Rocks in a planter

If you have a hillside, you can use rocks of various sizes, to form rock gardens. You can place perennial plants back in at the base of larger rocks, where water will run in to the roots and keep them moist so less watering is required.

Rock garden plants generally can take more heat, with less water necessary.

 flat boulder rock

Boulders are often pricey, so you may want to include them in your final or 3rd home, because you won't likely want to leave them behind when you build again.

 landscaping  gravel This is an example of a white rock used around the plants in Southern Utah. People often choose rock instead of lawn because of the heat.

Notice the larger rock near the left front, that the terraced rock wall butts up against. A small palm tree is just behind it. These people wanted that rock to remain in the landscaping. When the palm tree achieves maturity, it will be a real eye catcher and basically fill that entire corner.

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