In kitchen-cabinet-designs, one has to deal with the corner cupboard or cabinet which creates an unreachable dead space. As you develope your kitchen designs, consider this corner space carefully to avoid having an unused area.

I have found the turntable to be of great use in the corner lower cabinet. This eliminates the problem of wasted space in the lower corner cupboard.

With a lower cabinet turntable, you can either have an angled door (as seen below) or a “V” cut out of the turntable with cabinet doors built into the V.

In the 2nd case, the “V” door can either open, or just turns around with the turntable by gently pushing on the door, depending upon which turntable you order. I've seen the V-door both ways and prefer the door turning with the turntable because if the "V-door" opens it is in the way when you try to look for things on the turntable.



All in all, the angled door in this pix is my preference. Corner Cupboard Using a turntable in the upper corner cupboard is not recommended, as much space would be wasted since it is a smaller depth of shelf and the turntable would only be a little one.

Therefore, we just put up small independent turn-tables that sit on the shelves in that upper angled corner cabinet.

A corner cupboard with an angled door, makes great use of the corner space, both above and below Corner Cupboards The angle is repeated in the cabinet below and adds an appeal to the kitchen cupboards.

The kitchen corner cabinetry that you choose for your kitchen will make your kitchen more user-friendly if you choose them wisely.

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