This page will give a few interior-painting-tips to make the job easier if you are painting your home, or any other project yourself.

Probably the best tip I could give you when spray painting your home or any other project is always paint with a respirator covering your nose and mouth!

A dust mask does not filter out the paint particles. The paint spray gun makes such a fine mist of paint that paint will go right through a dust mask and into your lungs.. Respirators are only $30 - $40 at Home Depot so be kind to yourself and your lungs.

Types of Equipment

There are several types of paint equipment

  • respirator
  • Extension pieces to spray painter or roller to reach higher places
  • spray gun
  • Hand roller both short handle & long handle
  • Paint brushes various sizes
  • Paint pan for hand roller
  • Spray paint roller

    The paint sprayer trigger squirts paint onto the roller so you don't have to get more paint. You probably use more paint this way, but it speeds up the process.

Masking Materials

Painting tips for trim work

Everywhere that paint connects to wood, metal, or another color of paint, must be masked to help you keep a straight line. By placing a piece of tape down on the line you want to paint to, you can paint to the tape and not worry if you get some paint on the tape. When you are finished you take off the tape and have a straight line.

If you are spray painting, then you have to cover the entire window, trim, or door, (if the door is to be a different color), to keep paint from spraying onto the window, door, or trim. As an option to covering the door, you can install your doors after you paint. In fact, you can paint your doors before installing them. No one way is correct, so use your own creativity as you paint your house.

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