As your wallboard is prepared for interior-painting-design, you can have various designs put on the walls by the drywall subcontractor. SEE wallboard preparation HERE

Drywall before special effects

We had an antique drywall preparation put on our walls, but we did not antique them. You can learn more about

our experience in building our own home as owner contractor HERE This picture shows the wallboard mudded and prepared befor any special designs you want added.

With the antique look, you can can either paint it and leave it one color or you can antique the surface with a gold or silver wash. This is done by first painting the surface and then painting the “wash” on a small area and then wiping the wall immediately, while it's still wet, which leaves the “wash” in the cracks and indentations, forming a two-tone or “older” appearance. Naturally, this is more time consuming and naturally cost more.

Another popular way of painting is by having one or more walls a bold color, while the other walls are a lighter, less intimidating color.

Some people like walls painted in one color with white trim pieces, as well as the doors painted in another color.


Today white is popularly used for the trim pieces as well as the doors as seen in the picture above. This picture shows a dark color for the walls, but often people will use a lighter color for the walls.

Another design effect around the ceiling lights is done by the drywall man. He actaully sculpts a circle on the ceiling and does ornate designs around the light in the ceiling. This is highlighted when painting over the design. The design will have a diameter of 4 to 6 feet.

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Painting trim, walls and doors

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