insulated-windows-and-doors are a very important part of your home-built4u. Windows can be a type of “real life” landscape painting. I remember my nieces' windows don't even have drapes or anything covering them. The window looks out over a canyon and it is so picturesque, and during the daytime it looks like a live painting.

For years we had metal edged windows and grew to hate them. They would sweat, and then in the winter the frost would build up on the window itself. That was bad enough, but when the frost melted guess where it went? The water would run down the wall, and it ended up with mold forming on the walls behind furniture or boxes and anything up against the wall.

The windows were double paned, insulated windows, but there was no “give” in them. When the jets did their maneuvers high above our home, they would break the sound barrier and CRACK; we would lose the seal, or the windows would crack, or both. Insulated windows We swore we would never have aluminum framed windows again. Then we had vinyl insulated-windows-and-doors in our last home, and we have been delighted ever since. There is no sweating and definitely no buildup of frost.

Questions to consider

Here are some questions you need to consider when you order your insulated-windows-and-doors.

  • Decide on the size you want for the windows in each room
  • Do you want a bay window anywhere?
  • Do you want a window over your kitchen sink? What size?
  • How large of a living room window do you want?
  • Do you want to be able to look out that window while standing at the kitchen sink?
  • How high low do you want them placed?
  • Do you want opaque or clear glass?
  • How about the look of small panes or ones with stripes down the outside edges?

Some of these questions sound silly but they aren't. In building our house each of these questions caused me to think about them - AFTER THE FACT. As an example:

    How tall are you? Why this question? My husband is 6' tall and I am 5'6” . He thought that a 3x3 window over the sink was a great size – all we would ever need. Then the designer had the windows all placed so high on the wall that I can barely see out the kitchen window at all. I like a low kitchen window with a broad sill to put plants on. A 4x4 is a great size for me and it is one that I can easily see out of. I took it for granted that the windows would all be what I liked.

Answer each question before ordering your windows and you won't be sorry AFTER THE FACT!

The outside sheathing covers all the windows and the framers cut out the windows after all the framing of the walls is done.

Change in plans

When the windows were cut out of our house I could see that the living room window was too small. I mentioned it to RL, but he said it was fine. Eventually, someone was visiting to “walk through” the house and I mentioned it to them. They agreed with me that the window had to be rebuilt bigger. RL was not a happy camper about that time, because we had made so many changes already.

Our framers were done, and paid for by this time, so I hired the sub who was doing the siding to change this window size. He suggested that we should lower all the windows on the front of the house, because they would look funny as high up as the architect had put them. And so, those windows also had to be rebuilt.

RL was stating emphatically, “there will be no more changes!” Of course, that was all he knew about it. With me, I could see things I would not like, nor would any other woman who had to live in this house, so a few more changes were made. SEE Plumbing changes.

Windows in the family room

We also changed the windows in the family room. We decided to add 3 upright 2x5 "side by side" windows. We love the effect this gives, however, we did not include the ability to open these windows, and we have since regretted that decision. It is always a wise decision to be able to "aire-out" the room. We have put wooden type blinds on each of the three window, and that is a nice addition.

There were other changes you may discover as you read on this site.

Ask a lot of questions so you aren't surprised or disappointed and find it necessary to make changes to your insulated-windows-and-doors.

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