Covering your exterior walls with house-siding of some sort, is essential in preserving the integrity of your home.

Siding your house consists of several items, including:

  1. roof cover (shingles)
  2. brick, rock or stucco
  3. vinyl siding
  4. soffit and fascia
but before you can side the house, you need to look at soffit and facia. That's what this page is all about.

vinyl siding

This picture shows our home completely sided with vinyl siding.
Click HERE for sheathing the walls

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Click HERE for sheathing the roof

Facia is the 3 inch edge up at the top next to the roof that faces you. It's the part you see.

Soffit is the part of the overhang that is up underneath the overhang.

soffit, facia, and shingles  This picture shows the shingles com- pleted and the white facia in the process of building our house in 2008.

Aluminum soffit and facia provides an easy way to maintain that most difficult part of the house. The soffit and facia requires a ladder to paint, so vinyl or pre-painted aluminum or other metal eliminates the need for paint. aluminum soffit and facia

This picture shows the back of our house with the aluminum soffit and facia completed.

On other houses that we've owned, I've seen RL struggle to keep up with the painting of the facia of the house-siding. It would peel from exposure to the elements and require maintenance every year or two.

With pre-painted aluminum soffit and facia, all that effort is not required to keep up with mother nature's effect on a painted house . siding, vinyl  wind damage The only thing that might happen is in the event of high wind, some of the vinyl siding pieces may blow off if they are not put on properly. Also, if cheap materials are used, siding pieces may blow off in high winds because they aren't strong enough to withstand the force of the wind.

vinyl siding wind damage

We recently experienced some vicious winds that did a lot of damage to many homes around our area. In some cases, entire sides of vinyl siding blew off of the homes. Others lost shingles and facia.

These homes are an example of wind damage from wind. Both are built about the same time, and are relatively new structures.

Our house's siding, shingles, soffit & facia were all put on by the same contractor and we breathed a sigh of relief when we realized we had lost nothing in the wind. It told the truth about our sub that we had hired. He was good, and knew his business well. He told us he'd use a quality durable material and he guaranteed his work.

Building your own house as owner/contractor

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