In house-framing-construction, sheathing the roof with OSB board is necessary before the water proofing roof felt and shingles are put on the sheathing.


The last truss before sheathing the roof begins

But don't move forward with your roof construction until your inspection by the city inspector. He's got to be sure you put on the house wrap. Our house siding was nearly completed before we called our inspector and we about had to take off our siding to prove we had the wrap on the house.

Some friends of ours had put the water proofing wrap on the exterior of their new house, along with the roof felt on their house roof, when the community was hit by 60 to 80 MPH winds that came up and blew it all away. Rather costly!

I don't know if insurance will cover that loss either. It's a good idea to “pick your day” for wrapping the house. If it were me, I'd wrap in sections, and then cover immediately with siding, or shingles, as the case may be. Ask your inspector what he wants done.

house wrap

Beginning to wrap the house

If you are bricking or stuccoing your home, then there are particular details to follow in each case of the house-framing-construction process. Google “bricking” or “stuccoing” for specifics. My experience is with vinyl siding, so that's what I'm telling you about here. This picture shows the beginning of the waterproofing on the back of our house. Note the windows and doors are already installed.

You should have ordered your windows and exterior doors and had them installed. Windows are often behind in production, so two weeks is not long enough notice sometimes. Ask questions of your suppliers early on so you have them in plenty of time.

  • When can the windows be available?
  • How far out are you?
  • How much notice do you need?
  • Do you deliver?
  • How much to deliver?
  • Can I pay at delivery?
  • How much up front money?


About two weeks before your house is finished being framed, call the plumber and notify him that “it looks like” you will be finished with the framing by 'X date”, so he can add your house on his calendar if he would please. =)

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