It is important to backfill your house-design-plan soon after the foundation is finished.

The water and sewer lines should be connected before backfill so the rough plumbing can be connected to the city lines also before backfilling. In addition, the electric hook up should be completed so that the backfill will close all those side lateral trenches in one effort.

To learn more about rough plumbing

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ALSO SEE sign a contract w/your subs HERE.

foundation walls

As long as you take the upper hand on these things, the subs will not make you feel like they know more than you. If you do not insist, the subs may try to make you feel like you don't know what's best, after all THEY are the experts and experienced ones.

Get it all in a contract so you can say “It says in your contract, that you will do this by “X” date and before you get paid “X” amount. As long as you hold the money, you hold the power.

I can't stress this enough. We let our excavator dictate when he would backfill, and consequently, he was up to his axle, sunk in the mud, trying to backfill our house-design-plan and slope the ground away from the house.

excavator's backhoe I started asking him when he would backfill and do the laterals clear back in October, and this was now March, but he said "no, we don't need to do that yet. " What he really was saying was "No, I don't WANT to do that yet. I'll tell you when I'm ready." (When it was frozen and he would charge more for his work - no contract remember)

In order for us to move in to our house-design-plan (our house), the inspector wanted us to have the ground sloping away from the house. I was told, “Well, the ground will dry out in a couple months... then we can slope the ground”

Well, we didn't have a couple months. It had already gone 3 months more than it should have, and we were going to have to pay a penalty for going beyond 9 months with our Construction Loan. That ultimately cost us an additional $1,000 fee with the bank. I really should have taken that $1,000 out of the excavator's pay, but we didn't know what it was going to cost us.

About that time, I was screaming and insisted that RL call and use some “male authority” to get the job done. He did just that and our excavator reluctantly showed up with his backhoe. The ground had recently thawed that 14 inch frost and it was sopping wet.

I wish we had video taped it, it was so funny watching that excavator in his backhoe, sunk clear to his axles, using the bucket in front and the backhoe legs in back, lifting the machine out of the mud and swinging it forward to gradually “walk” the machine across the back yard. I honestly didn't think we'd have a slope across the back, but the city OK'd it finally.

What a mess this turned out to be, and I do mean "mess"! That guy's new backhoe no longer looked new, believe me!

Suffice it to say, backfill your house-design-plan early on so you don't end up like we did.

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