You need home-security-doors-and-windows for securing your new home from intruders and the weather.

A firewall door is needed from the garage to the house. This firewall door provides a security for you in the event of a fire in the garage. Usually people want solid wood or metal framed doors for their exterior doors.

The sooner you get your home-security-doors-and-windows installed, the sooner you can protect your housebuild from thieves. You'll want to get your doors ordered early so you can get them delivered to the house site at the same time as the windows are delivered. As you put in your windows and doors, your house is considered in "lock down" mode.

Your goal should be to get your house to lock down as quickly as possible. Materials need to be under lock and key so they don't “walk off”. Inevitably you will have some pilfering if tools and supplies are left out in the open during the night and the house is not locked up.

As an example: One couple's house had electric wire (copper is worth a bunch right now) plus lights, outlet boxes and switches all sitting in the unlocked house, waiting to be installed. They were not under lock and key and so in the night, a lot of the materials disappeared. That cost them hundreds of dollars.

The exterior doors need to secure your home and not be easily broken into. That is why people like metal or solid wood for their exterior doors.

By the way, it isn't good enough to install the garage door and keep appliances and materials out there, because thieves watch for open garage doors during the daytime, and will often back a truck up to the house and take what is available in the garage.

Types of Doors

  • metal doors
  • solid wood doors
  • hollow doors- not used for exterior doors
  • double doors for the front door
  • doors with window decor
  • Small patio doors

  • clear glass patio type doors

  • Venetian blinds enclosed inside glass doors - ½ glass and full glass versions
  • French patio doors
  • windows in garage doors

  • Garage doors

Go to the big box store for ideas and prices, and then find a wholesale outlet to compare with. You'll get a much wider selection at the wholesale outlet, and they're more likely to have it in stock. They will usually deliver for a few dollars, so pick out all your doors so they only have to make one trip.

Choosing your styles of doors is just the beginning of a wonderful experience you are embarking upon as you build your house. Click here to learn about building your free home.

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