Many flower gardeners love growing-roses. They love roses for their elegance, beauty, and fragrance. Roses are the best loved flower of all found in our flower gardens.

Rose bushes come in many sizes, colors and shapes. The types of roses vary from mini tea roses, wild roses, tree roses, climbing roses, red roses, black roses, white,pink, blue, yellow and even lavender roses.

Yellow Roses

Roses are a symbol of love and on Valentines day and other holidays husbands often give roses to show their love to their wives. Some of us wives often wish they would give them more often than they do.

There are various meanings for the colors of roses, but generally they are a symbol of love.

Cluster of Red Roses

On our 25th wedding anniversary my husband gave me 25 long stemmed silk red roses, and I still have them today in our 49th year. I have to reshape them a little, and occasionally spray them with a particular silk flower spray that removes the dusty look, but all in all, they are still a lovely reminder of our 25th year. I don't know what he'll do for our 50th year. Hmmmmmm, maybe 50 gold roses?

Silk flowers allow us to enjoy the beauty of the flowers for a longer time than cut flowers do.

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