You'll need to know gravel-sizes when ordering gravel for your new home as various sizes and kinds of gravel are needed.

I'll mention a few sizes of gravel here:

  • pea gravel
      small pea sized gravel that compacts to about 99% compacted. It comes in various colors.

  • Concrete rock
      Has dirt and sand mixed with it and is often used in driveways because it won't "squish" out under the weight of the car

  • road base
      has different sizes of rock mixed in

  • Decorative rock mulch
      comes with different sizes and colors used to create attention in colors and shapes etc.

Needs for Gravel

You will need gravel in several places.

  1. In the basement sub-rough before flatwork

  2. Window wells

  3. In the garage sub-rough before flatwork

  4. Before any cement flatwork is poured outside ie. walks & drive

  5. Under any cement steps

  6. For any RV parking

  7. Landscape areas where you will use diferent gravel sizes

Ask your excavator how much gravel you will need for your basement-bathroom-plumbing. He likely will be able to tell you! For the landscape purposes, your landscaper can tell you how much he'll need. Whoever is doing your flatwork can tell you approximately how much gravel you will need for that too.

I was able to save by ordering the gravel myself, but you need to do the math yourself. Your outside flatwork will be done sometime later, so you may want to wait to order that gravel for the flatwork and landscape after the house is nearly completed - just before you do your outside walks and driveway.

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