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Plans for general-landscaping your lot will add the finishing touch you can put on your home. Your plans may include flower gardens, patios and pavers. There are so many different aspects of landscaping, that you can think of the various items you want in your yard.

I'll list a few here, and attempt to explain about them on various pages of this website.

  • Planning your landscaping

  • Decorative Rocks

  • Flower Gardens

  • Fire-Pit

  • Terracing

  • Patios and Pavers

  • Raised Bed Gardening

  • Outside Lighting

  • Edging and Borders

  • Gravel instead of lawn

  • Decks

Unless you do your settling of your loose dirt with plenty of water, I wouldn't suggest you put in your landscaping immediately.

 rock landscaping

We were anxious to have our home completed with lawn and landscaping in the front and it cost us dearly for that decision. Our laterals sub hadn't settled the dirt in those laterals, and so 6 months down the road, we had some major settling that took place.

Our raised flower beds were compromised because the dirt had not been properly settled after the backfilling had been done. As a result, we had major flooding due to an irrigation line breaking where it came out of the house to feed the main line.

The pipe was leaking for several weeks, and ultimately saturated the ground sufficient to actually sheer off the pipe due to the weight of the earth as it got heavier and heavier.

Once the pipe sheered off, we had full water pressure running all along our house. You can read more detail on this HERE...The porch was sinking. Suffice it to say, we rushed the process a bit, and will be more cautious another time in doing our general-landscaping.

Ultimately, it is you, the general contractors' responsibility, to see to it that the ground is properly dealt with. We share our embarrassing experiences with you so you, hopefully, won't have similar ones of your own.

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