I don't know what a fax-line-loannopayday is, but it was the only good keyword to talk about getting a FREE electronic fax line into your computer.

You found this page, so perhaps it worked.

Fax machines use ribbon (at least my old one does) and I was spending a fortune just keeping the ribbon working. Every fax that was sent to me was stored and had to be printed to know what it was, and that was ridiculous when a lot of them were nothing but junk mail.

When I heard about K-7 fax service I jumped on the opportunity of having the faxes come through my computer to my email. That way I could view the faxes and delete any unwanted ones without wasting my fax ribbon. For building our house this was perfect.

I needed a way to communicate paperwork with my subs. You'll need that too.

I highly recommend you get a K7.net fax-line which comes directly into your computer and then you get notified by email, if you choose.

You can also save all your FAXes that pertain to your housebuild. I just use the FREE version of K-7. That was adequate for my needs. Another thing you can do with a K7 FAX account, is put your own voice on it, and take voice messages as well as FAXes.

So when I would get a bid on the phone, I would then ask them to fax it to me so it would come directly into my computer.

Practically anyone who is in business today has to have a FAX capability. K-7 was a perfect way to receive all my subcontractors' invoices.

You can do this with the contracts too. Have all your subs fax over their contract stating when they will start and finish and their price. You can then sign it or add other things you want in the contract and fax it back to the contractor.

Fax the contract to them, or email it, and have them sign it and fax it back via our fax-line. So simple.

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Building a House

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Footings Forms

Footings Forms

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