If you need extra-garage-storage-space, then metal storage buildings are often used. You can use heavy duty shelving to place your heavy tools and equipment on.

For lighter weight items, storage racks can be used, or you can put up wooden shelving and build your own storage system.

Many people have storage buildings apart from the garage that they use for storage of landscaping tools, carpenter tools, automotive and other tools.

I remember my Dad even drew on the wall, the shape of the tool that was designated for each tool that hung in his shop. That was probably to remind us kids where each tool went, plus he could see at a glance if a tool was missing. We were always going to his shop to pound nails, or saw boards from his scrap boards.

Most men like a work bench in their garage. RL likes shelves above and below his work bench, with cubby-holes to put specific tools. Another area near the garage door is where he hangs his yard tools, for easy access from the yard. And don't forget the spot for the boom box or stereo so you can have music while you work. RL always has his radio going while he's outside working.

Along the walls of the garage, you can make or buy secure storage that has lockable doors to keep tools out of sight and mind to prying eyes. But remember, the more you fill in the sides of the garage with tools, the more your garage parking area is infringed upon.

Our son-in-law, Alex, built his extra storage space right into his garage. His garage becomes a good place to store all the outside tools and equipment used for upkeep of the outside grounds and landscaping.

As a consideration, instead of having a 3rd bay, why not do as Alex did and continue the garage along the side of house,(behind the 2nd bay) clear to the back of the house . It will add a little extra width to the home if the back extension to the garage-storage is only 12 feet wide.

This gives you added indoor storage for the following without impacting upon the parking space for your cars:

  • Landscape tools

  • Lawn maintenance equipment

  • Tool storage

  • Outdoor furniture storage (winter)

  • Potting table for gardening

  • Storage bins and shelves

  • A tool bench

Alex even put in double doors on the side of the garage, to acces his :

  • riding lawn mower
  • tiller
  • snow blower
  • 4 wheelers
  • motor cycles,
  • etc

This makes easy access to the equipment when the cars are in place, plus the lawnmower is available to the back yard this way. This arrangement, would give you a 24'x24' double garage as well as a good 12x12', or more if the garage protrudes out in front, workshop area behind one bay, for a workshop and/or storage.

Another possibility would be to actually put a regular garage door on this extended bay, for a “drive-thru” possibility, from front to the back yard. That could be in the event your frontage is not wide enough for an outside gate.

The cost would be minimal, since you are only extending the length of the garage approximately 12x12 feet, based upon your home plans.

Remember, this extra-garage-storage-space plan is non-conventional, so you'll want to have the plan submitted to your engineer-architect, when he draws up the plans for you, so he can design the roof structure and other architectural features.

You may want to check with your friends and neighbors to see what unique ideas they have in adding extra-garage-storage-space to their homes.

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