framing the walls

As your country-ranch-house-plan starts framing the walls, you'll begin to see your home start to take form.

The reality of a dream come true starts to occur when you see the basic house framing of your home taking shape.

frame a wall

Interior walls framed

Looking inside the front door you can see some of the interior walls of our home being built. Notice the sheathing on the exterior walls.

If the garage is attached, it has to have a garage firewall between it and the main house. The door to the house from the garage has to be a fire door also.

build interior walls


The pix shows the wall to the garage on the right. It is one of the firewalls.

build a wall

Inside Garage Firewalls

This picture shows the inside walls of the garage. They are both of the firewall walls (without sheathing). The doorway on the left is the firewall door, and the wall to the right is the 2nd firewall. You can see the garage pad in front,

They usually use 2x4's on firewalls, and then the walls are insulated well, and have a special fire break wallboard on them. This is to give time for the fire department to get there in case a fire starts in the garage.

Another place to be careful about is to make sure that the garage firebreak wall goes all the way to the rafters, not just to ceiling heigth. In the event of fire, many fires spread through the attic, because of no firebreak wall between apartments in the attic. Don't forget to look at your firebreak walls, clear to the rafters, in between the garage and the house.

Make sure your country-ranch-house-plan is framed right to insure your families' safety.