To enables your construction-house-plan inspecting to be approved and proceed correctly, the city or county usually requires several inspections as your home is being built.

I made up a chart of all the city inspections, making it easier to keep track of all our progress of the required inspections mandated by the city for us.

You need to get your city's requirements and inspection schedule. You can make a chart for yourself if you like, Whatever works for you in your project.

Needless to say, the city inspector will need to inspect the various stages of development of your housebuild. Do not go on building until the inspector has given you the go-ahead, or you may have to pay a fine and re-do things, thus costing you more $$'s.


The city will provide inspection information. Everything has to be inspected regularly as you house is built, in order to assure you and the city that your house is being constructed correctly and up to code. This is good, because you know that the work your subcontractors are doing is up to standards, and meets the expectations of the inspector. I've seen some newer type homes on "Holmes on Homes" that have not been constructed correctly and they are already falling apart after only 6 or 7 years. ie:Plumbing in kitchen or bathroom, venting, etc. The importance of an inspector is essential for your construction-house-plan so you'll know your home can withstand the "test of time".

The Inspector is your friend. If you don't like him, don't show it. You want to stay on his "better side". There may be times you need his advice, or you want him to drop by and see if "this or that" is being done right.

As long as you are on good terms with him, he'll possibly do you a favor, or you may need to pay him $50 or so. The one person you don't want to cross is the Inspector.

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