In building-kitchen-cabinets it involves making decisions as to style, use, and design of your kitchen cabinets and it includes kitchen cabinet hardware.

Designing them requires several things when considering how to build kitchen cabinets. Here are a few things you might want to think about:

  • The look and design of the cabinets. Wood or painted?

  • Do you want glass,flat, or raised panel doors

  • verticle cupboard

  • How about verticle storage for cookie sheets etc.?

  • Do you want drawers all around the top of cabinets?

  • What kind of cabinet hardware do you want to use?

    kitchen drawers
  • Banks of drawers and where you want them,
    Consider how big or deep the drawers should be.

  • Do you want a pull out bread board?

  • Pull-out shelves in deep cabinets?

  • microwave

  • Have you considered where to place your kitchen storage cabinet for your microwave?

  • wall oven

  • How about wall oven/s, or will you have a range with oven?

  • Do you want a pull-out garbage organizer next to the sink This is installed after installing cabinets

  • pantry cabinet

  • What about pantry cupboards?

  • corner cabinet

  • What about turntables which have to be installed on site?
  • What style turntable door do you want to use?

The turntable is something that has proven itself to be the best use of the space in the corner for cabinet corner cupboards. Otherwise you have an entire corner of wasted space. See corner cupboards


It can be a lot of fun designing your kitchen. People continue to amaze and daze us with their dreams and realities in building kitchen cabinets.

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