Some bathroom-vanities have his and hers double sinks, and other vanities have only one sink.

Bathroom Pedestal Sink Some people even prefer to not have a vanity at all, but to use pedestal sinks instead. Whatever is your preference will determine the look of your bathroom.

There are various materials to use for a countertop. Granite is often used with the sink attached or glued to the bottom of the granite sink opening.

granite countertop

There isn't much risk of water leakage because of the rock material used in the granite counter top. On the other hand, attaching a sink to the bottom of a wooden base counter top presents a different situation due to the exposed wood in the water area.

Your lifestyle will have to determine what your needs are.

RL and I find that we aren't fighting for the sink, because we have divided up the bathrooms, and he uses one and I use the other, generally speaking, so we only had one sink installed in each of our bathrooms in this home. When we had children in the home that was different.

We had a double sink bathroom vanity when our 9 children were all at home. We even had a door between the bathroom-vanities area and the bathtub and toilet, so both boys and girls could use the bathroom at the same time, providing proper privacy.

Our Master Bath area also had a door on the room with the toilet and shower, making it possible for someone to use the sink while someone else used the shower or toilet.

For a large family and only 2 bathrooms, this was a perfect solution and we seldom had fights over bathroom usage.

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