Your bathroom-fixtures are the tubs, sinks and toilets and any other fixtures you might want in your bathrooms.

Sinks and Toilets

pedestal sink

Sinks come in all sizes and shapes including pedestal sinks like the one on the left.

Many people prefer their sink on a cabinet, which gives them places to put toilet paper and other things out of sight.

High Rise Toilet Every home needs at least one toilet. You have a choice of a standard or a high rise toilet. Older people often enjoy the high rise toilet more, because it isn't so hard to get off of. The standard toilet is low to the ground and best for children and young adults.


Tubs for bathroom-fixtures can be both soaking or jetted, and if you are handicapped, there are even tubs with doors on them, with seats, to prevent slipping. The whirlpool effect is available in this type also. You open the door, enter, shut the door, sit down, and "fill 'er up".

jetted tub The advantage of a jetted tub is the relaxing feeling the jets give for people with a lot of stress in their lives and even for those who just love to relax in a tub of water. Headaches, sore feet, back aches, or overall malaise can be soothed with a good soaking in the whirlpool effect of a jetted tub.

The downside is, the jetted tub creates a problem with cleaning. Some people don't worry about it and just pour a bunch of clorox into water and send it through the jets. Those in the maintenance position of jetted tubs, however, have a differing opinion, and often would never own one themselves.

The decision to have a jetted tub in your bathroom-fixtures is yours, and yours alone. If you are building to own your home in 3 builds, you might want to consider the potential buyer's opinion.

SEE...Building your own free home

Tubs go in the bathroom with the rough plumbing, before the wallboard is installed, and so they need to be selected before you get far into the housebuild project. I left the purchase of our tubs up to the plumber, as he said he'd get me his price for it.

I'm not sure if “his price” was really contractor's price or not, but he had to install it, and he knew what I wanted and needed, so I paid him to buy them, carry the tubs in, and install them.

Like the furnace, I didn't know exactly what I needed, and I let those two contractors supply and install their specialty.

With having the tubs put in early, the workmen have to work around the tubs, and they don't seem to care if they scratch up the tubs by stepping into the tubs with their hobnailed boots and all. We tried covering the tubs with plywood, but when it came to some jobs, the contractors merely removed the plywood and stepped in the tubs anyway.

I have no solution to that problem, and yes, we did end up with a scratched tub. One of the frustrations of building a house that probably can't be helped, I'm afraid.

Since we don't have a shower above our tub in the master bath area, we only needed a short tile at the back of the tub to prevent water splashed from the tub from hitting the wallboard.

Our bathroom-fixtures bathtub in our main bathroom is tiled all around up 5 or 6 feet, because it has a shower.

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