Your bathroom-designs will vary depending upon your family's preferences and the use it will get. For instance, your master bath will likely be used primarily by you and your spouse. Therefore, it will be designed around your likes and dislikes.

As an example, you both may want separate sinks. You may want a jetted tub and he/she wants a shower with many heads, so you will design your bathroom with both a tub and shower. As far as the "many heads" shower, you will have to weigh the cost of the extra water that is used, against the cost of one with a single head.

bathroom tile
Of course, what to line the walls of your shower with, and what to put around your tub will be considered, too. There are a variety of choices, from tile, to faux marble.

Here are a few questions you'll probably want to consider:

  • What will your vanity be like?
  • What types and style of sinks do you want?
  • Pedestal Sink

  • Do you want stand alone sinks,

  • Do you want cabinets under your sinks?
  • What color will your sinks be?
  • HiRise Toilet

  • Do you want a standard toilet or a high-rise toilet?

  • jetted tub

  • What style of bathtubs do you want for each bathroom?

Other choices will be made in regards to your mirrors vs. medicine cabinets.

Of course your countertops can be made of a variety of different materials possibly the same as your kitchen cabinets and laundry room cabinets will have.

Then the floors provide another distinct choice. Again they can be covered with vinyl, rock slabs, carpet, or tile.

If you want your bathroom floor heated, then you will have to make that choice up front too. And if you are going to heat the floor, will it be with heated water or with electricity?

And don't forget the hardware fixtures such as the faucets and shower fixtures! Will you have a chair built into the shower? Shelves for the soft soap,shampoo and conditioner, in addition to a hard soap holder must be addressed. Also, will you put handicap handles or bars inside the shower, or by the tub or toilet?

Truly your personality will show through your bathroom-designs and other choices you make as you build your home.

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