In making basic-landscaping-plans you'll want to consider your personal taste, and style of decorating. These may include raised garden beds, a fire pit,decks and patios, and the use of rocks.

Years ago I made landscaping plans for our first home.

I purchased several landscaping books which I studied about the various flowers and designs for yard landscaping.

ornamental tree English type garden landscaping has always been a favorite of mine, but I have never lived in one place long enough to actually see the landscapes mature while we lived there.

edging  planter

We often go back and look at the 6 homes we have left behind finding that we still like the designs we established at each home. Most of the buyers of our homes fell in love with the landscaping, I can think of only one home that the landscaping has changed and that was because the people didn't like rock gardens. All the rest have matured and are beautifully landscaped homes now.

This is our 6th home and as you might imagine, I have been developing my ideas more and more. In the meantime, 3 of our sons have gone into landscaping and they did the plans and designs of this home's landscaping.

Planning your landscaping

landscape design

Draw up your plan, indicating trees, lawn and bushes plus anything else you want included in your yard. Show edging and sidewalks, or walkways plus patios etc.

Here are a few ideas to consider in planning your landscaping.

  • What are your likes?

  • Do you want a huge yard?

  • Do you prefer a small postage size yard to maintain?

To begin with, you have to make a few decisions before making your basic-landscaping-plans.

  • Your area of the country will determine what kind of trees and plants you can grow

  • What kinds of trees do you want to grow?

  • Will you start them from twigs, or from well established trees?

  • Are you partial to a color scheme?

  • How are you going to irrigate?

  • Are you having a deck? or ground level patio?

A wise avid gardener once told me not to plant a bunch of annuals in the front yard. By planting the re-occuring plants (perennials) in the front yard, you can have color continuously through the year. Perennials that flower at specific times in the year, provide color without the effort. She suggested we should save the annuals for a spot of color here and there in the yard.

Of course,that's only one opinion. In basic-landscaping-plans, like anything else, there are many ways to do it, and the fun thing is that anything goes so your ideas "reign". You're KING/QUEEN of your yard.

Building your home step by step

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