This about-me page has been a difficult one for me to write. I couldn't figure out what to say about us and then it finally came to me that I have already told you a lot about RL and me on my website, so basically I just have to refer you to those pages plus give you a little background about us both and it's done.

Why didn't I think of that before?

It wasn't hard writing about building our house, because I recorded it as we built the house because I planned on writing an ebook. But we did have a life before building our house.

In a nutshell, RL and I have been married for 48 years now and we have 9 children with 22 grandchildren and 1 gr grandchild now. I have been a stay at home Mom, “taxi driver,” doctor, lawyer, beggerman, and I've even robbed “Peter to pay Paul” many times, if that makes me a thief. =)

I have taught piano lessons for nearly all of my 46 years of marriage, including teaching several of our children as students. But I have to agree, parents don't make good music teachers for their own children.

By the time our youngest was born I developed diabetes and have since suffered from eye degeneration as a result of the disease. Thank goodness for modern medicine or I would have lost my eyesight by now. As it is, I have less vision, with some peripheral loss of vision, and now some color blindness. And then I blow up the font size of things I'm reading on the computer or I put text under my magnisight reader that transmits the text onto a TV screen.

Some of the things I love to do are sewing, quilting, cooking, gardening, and I have tried my hand at entrepreneurial endeavors for over 45 years now. I actually earned a car in one off-line marketing business, and that was when I had all 9 children at home. I count that as pretty significant, because, in that small city, I only know of two or three other women who had the ability to get a downline and stay in business for more than 2 or 3 years, and they never earned a car. I lasted over 12 years in that business.

Ultimately, I turned to the internet to try and make money, thinking it would be the end-all moneymaker. I tell my story HERE

Rather than tell the stories again, I'll direct you to some of my website pages and if you are interested, you can read about it there. I will say, we had some very interesting experiences during the building process. (If you want to read more of our story you can press the back button to return to this page)

Suffice it to say, RL and I were advancing in years, and nearing retirement and still did not own our home free and clear. Read about building our retirement home HERE.

Then I read about building our own home acting as the General Contractor.

I purchased an ebook telling how to build a FREE home and the rest is history. See the pix of the home we built HERE.

I wrote about our experience in building a home and learned about making a website to tell our story on to help others not make the same mistakes we had made. SEE HERE

RL thought he could do some of the work himself HERE thus saving us some equity, but his heart gave out on him. Thank goodness for a helpful cousin who selflessly offered her help. And then when RL's heart nearly stopped entirely, the 9 children all came home and did the finishing touches on our home and helped us move in.

It was not easy developing our house plan but we finally did it. HERE

We had some interesting and costly experience with our excavator HERE

and just when we thought it couldn't get worse here's more on our excavator troubles HERE

Those troubles resulted in a flood in our basement HERE

We have lived in our new home for nearly 6 years now and should have started our 2nd home if we were to own our home in 3 builds. But the economy has taken a down-turn which by selling our home now, we would lose all the equity we earned by being the general contractor. We have decided to ride it all out and hope for a quick turn around since the bad times always reverse and so we are waiting patiently.

I really don't want to move again and I'm enjoying our new home “built for someone else” enough, that if my website or other entrepeneurial ventures should be profitable enough – well, maybe we won't HAVE TO move.

My website has proven to be a “family affair” because RL's brother and several of our children have all started building their own websites. I talk almost daily to one or another of our children, sharing our excitement or information about “this or that.” Three of the children are still working their websites and we discover new ways to do different things and it is a lot of fun as we continue to build our websites.

Each early morning I rush into my office to check the traffic statistics (how many visitors have been to my website) for the previous day. My stats are published at 4 AM MST and so often it's close to that time when I check them out. This website gives me a reason to get up, on days that can be pretty dismal. My numbers continue to rise. At first only 5 – 15 people visited my site daily, and now 175-300 people visit home-built4u each day.

My advertising earnings have risen from $30-$45 a month to $150-300 a month. That is more than tripling my income. Show me any honest JOB out there that gives you raises like that. Although it is not a lot of money, it is growing, and based on others' experiences, I anticipate that it will continue growing.

I continue to look for things that will drive more people to my website.

I have added a few vegetable garden recipes HERE to my website since they have to do with vegetables grown in the garden and gardening is part of the landscape idea. HERE

Since landscaping is part of the building process, I added a section on landscaping to my site too. Check it out starting HERE

I would love to hear your comments about my site, so if you have comments, post them on the contact-me page HERE. Thanks for visiting.


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Testimonials or Comments

Is it Buy Direct, or Costco?

You mentioned using a buying club to purchase a lot of your materials in order to save money. Can you give me some examples. Is it like Buy Direct, or Costco? Or something totally different.

Another question. Did you have to get a general contractors license in order to be the GC for the homes you have built? I will be building up a home up in Tennessee. I currently live in Orlando, FL but will be retiring on some land we bought above Chattanooga. Thanks,


Hi Bryan,

You are correct, it was Direct Buy. We saved quite a lot with our cement, lumber, insulation, shingles and a number of other things using their buying power. Not being a contractor ourselves, we lacked that purchasing ability and we lacked cash to pay directly. As I stated, we did not get a general contractor's license. As long as you are not selling the house to someone else, (you live in it for 2 years), most states don't require one. But check your state's laws and requirements to be on the safe side.

Good Luck with your build in Tennessee!

Regards, Linda

I sure would like to know what country you live in. I have just discovered your site and we hope to be building or getting a ready to move house in the next couple of years.

You have a lot of interesting information here, I haven't even looked at half of it yet but was so excited I had to send this email to you.

Thank you for taking the time to set up this site and for sharing your experiences. Cristina D. fr Canada

Dear Cristina, Thanks for the nice comments. Our home is in Utah in the USA. I hope you have success with your new home. It took me about 6 months to gain the confidence and learn how to be the "general" so you've got plenty of time to learn about this. Regards, Linda

We recently had a fire in our house due to faulty wiring because of a DIY electrical job which was done before we bought the home. I can't agree with you more about the importance of having the wiring done by a professional. Thanks for your website. I love it. HG

Dear HG,

Thanks for sharing your electrical experience with us. It's amazing how many people think they can DIY it when they don't know what they are doing. Our neighbors had a fire due to DIY repairs in their home. Put back together with "scotch tape and paper clips" approach! It took replacing ALL the electrical wiring and months before they could move back into their home.

Regards, Linda

You have a pretty nice website with a lot of good information about home building.

I wish to emulate your idea of building a series of homes, starting with small, then ramping up as much as I am comfortable on the succeeding homes.

Thank you for the information on your website. Chris.O.

Dear Chris,

Thanks for your comments. Lots of luck with your project. Be sure to get your estimate down so you don't under price yourself. With today's economy you can't be too safe. We chose to wait a few years for a rebound in the economy before continuing to build. Adding on to your home today might be a wise thing to consider.


Do you know where I can get a ready-made home build checklist? This will be my first time as a GC and I'm looking for a thorough list that will tell me what order tasks need to be done in as well as when to order certain materials so they arrive in time to install them (ie:windows).Thanks!TaniaG

Dear Tania You can go to my specific pages for some info, and others you'll have to research. For a list of materials needed. go to List of Materials HERE.

my wife and i are planning to build and be the gc next year. your site is very helpful and informational, as i begin my research. i am interested in "cost estimates." approx. what did it cost you (beginning to end with all associated costs) to build your 1800sf house? thanks, tim

Dear Tim, Thanks for your interest and kind words. It's been five plus years now since we completed our building project, so our specific numbers wouldn't even be relevant for you. Suffice it to say that we paid for our land, city fees, various tools that RL used in finish carpentry and painting, our membership in the buying service, extra interest on the loan, plus all building materials and labor, among other things, ending up with a grand total of $192,000 in 2007. Today's economy (2012) should be different, so be cautious. Regards, Linda

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