Why do we say it's a Free House when nothing worth having in life is free, especially the 100-construction-loan? Your construction loan will finance your build, with no out of pocket money. So get your building loan and then sign a contract with all your subs and start building.

The bank supplies all the money in the form of a construction-loan. You don't have to even pay any “out of pocket” interest on the construction-loan until you are finished building and start paying on your mortgage loan.

How is that? Simply because the 100-construction-loan includes some contingency monies to cover the interest and this extra money is just in case you come up short in the end.

What is the free home idea all about?

construction loan

Before Applying for a Loan

What is the free home idea all about? Learn more HERE.
It covers the concept of building your free house in just three housebuilds.

There are a few things you need to do before going for financing. You'll want to read the "Getting Started" section of this website HERE..

Before you actually go to the bank for your 100-construction-loan, you will get 2 or 3 bids from each of the main contractors biding for the work. After those are all in place, then gather up copies of all the bids, a copy of your house plans and go to your lender.

You need to understand that just because someone gives you a bid, it doesn't mean you have to use them. They are merely telling you what they will do the job for. Then after you get several bids you choose which contractor to use.

Remember, you are the General and you select your crew based upon their price, their reputation, and your deep down feeling about them. Even after we had almost promised one of our subs the job, someone gave us a tip not to use them, so we didn't. You don't want to get "kicked in the teeth" during the building experience.

If you are friends with any of the law enforcers in your community, ask them about who you are thinking of using. They often know if someone is a poor risk. A friend who is a lawyer or attorney often has had to prosecute liars and thieves in this industry. Check around before you select. By getting your subs to sign a legal contract you can prevent a lot of worry in that direction.

Estimating Your Construction Loan

What will it cost to actually build your house? How do you figure everything that it will cost to include in your 100-Construction-Loan? You have to get all this information together to turn in to the bank so they'll know how much you will need for your 100-construction-loan.

Go to the "Cost Breakdown" HERE to figure your total amount needed.

Getting a Loan

It used to be that if you had relatively good credit, and made between $2400 to $3000 per month, and you don't build too big a house, you'd have a pretty good chance of getting a 100-construction-loan. that's 100% of what it costs you to build your home.

In the economic struggle of 2009 that is probably not going to compute the same. Do your homework! Remember, banks get hungry too, so you have to shop around until you find one that's hungry enough to loan to you. Now in 2013, as the economy is rebounding some, it will likely be easier to get a loan than in the previous years.

Don't let people discourage you. We got tons of negative advice, but we were convinced we could do it, and we were able to do it with the aid of the ebook I purchased, and many contractors that were willing to help us out, and most of all through our faith and prayers. We were in uncharted waters, and some days I would wake up with what I needed to do that day on my mind. It was an awesome experience.

Even then people would say “Oh, we tried being the owner/contractor ourselves, but we realized while pouring the cement that we didn't know what we were doing, so we hired a GC.” or a GC said to us after our basement hole was dug “There aren't any framers around. You won't be able to find ANY framers.” The fact was, he wanted to be the General Contractor of my job, so discouragement was a key issue.

I found one contractor who was willing to help me through the process of building our home and gave me “free advice” and this gave me confidence we could continue. It was because of this contractor's advice that I decided to build this website to help people like yourself gain that confidence that you too can succeed in being your own GC.

rambler home

This is the house that we built

This is our completed home. It's our first home of three that we plan to build.

The economy and housing market plays a big part in this whole idea of building 3 homes in five years, and you may have to wait until the market re-cooperates to start the next home. But remember, it always has come back in the past and now in 2013 it appears to have turned around again. If you have the funding available, then a low economy is the perfect time to build, because the contractors are in need of work, and may do it for less, just to have work.

Our oldest son worried and stewed about us getting ripped off royally. He said “Mom, I'm just afraid you will be “in” way over your heads and I don't want you to lose your shirt. You don't know what it's like out there.” Of course, after we completed the project he is proud to call us his parents, and he happily did the landscaping {especially knowing we had the money to pay him =) }.

We studied and did our homework until we felt certain of what we were doing. Then in July of '06 we were successful in getting a 100-construction-loan. The loan was for exactly the amount it cost us, including tools we bought to do the sweat equity painting and finish carpentry, and in spite of some of our costly mistakes and the change orders that were put in for them.

We willingly share our experience with you on this website, so you can avoid some of the pitfalls we fell into. If you have any questions you can ask us on our

"contact me" page.

A step by step guide to building your free home

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Building a House


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Footings Forms

Footings Forms

Footings Forms

An Engineer/Architect
is needed for
Drawing up Houseplans


Engineer Architect

The houseplan We Designed
for Our Home

 Our Houseplans

Our Houseplan

Rough plumbing
Before laying flat cement

Basement Plumbing

Basement Plumbing

Floorjoists laid
before Subfloor

Floor Joists

Floor Joists

Sheathed exterior walls
with interior walls going up

Building walls

Building Home Walls

Installing Trusses

Installing Trusses