In considering the vinyl-siding-cost you'll want to be aware of the quality of the vinyl. A good quality vinyl will stand the test of time far better than a cheap vinyl.

simple home siding

This is our home completely sided

We paid $3,200 for the siding of this home. This included the labor on an 1800. sq ft home, plus garage. Another advantage of being the owner/builder general contractor, (the hiring and firing_that is) and shopping around for the best buy.

I just learned of a friend's purchase of a vinyl siding job for her home. She couldn't do the job herself, so she hired one of those sales-types who come around, door to door. The price was over $20,000 for a little home almost half the size of ours.

vinyl siding a house in progress

vinyl siding installation

This picture shows our vinyl-siding installation in progress. It shows the wrap under the siding. We were waiting for the front step to be poured so they could finish the job.

Vinyl-siding is made from oil, so today, in barely six years, that $3,200 may be $5,000 to $6,000 today, due to rising price of oil.

back of vinyl sided home

This pix is the finished vinyl sided back side of our house.

Get a Quality Siding

It is important to get a quality siding so you don't lose it in high winds. Even then, the siding needs to be put on right. A friend was telling me about his siding job that wasn't put on right. Subs will sometimes skimp on the nails and you'll know it if they do. The siding will blow off in the wind if it isn't installed right. vinyl siding wind-damage

Siding Wind Damage

vinyl siding wind damage

We took these pictures after a terrible wind that ripped the siding off of homes in our area. These are just two of them in the same subdivision.

siding wind damage

Look for a contractor who will guarantee his work. Our sub guaranteed his work and we haven't had any trouble even in some very high winds.

Building your free home as owner/contractor

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