In today's world, how-to-pour-cement is much simpler than it was years ago.

It takes a pumper truck to pour most concrete footings and foundations for your architectural-house-plan today.

The truck below shows the piping system fully extended and the picture below that shows the men pouring cement. Who would have thought it was that easy?

 pouring cement The pumper truck makes the pour go so much faster because the workers can pull the tube along putting the concrete exactly where they need it.

The pumper truck has a huge pipe extension that can be stretched clear out over the entire foundation of the home making how-to-pour-cement much easier.

The pipe extensions came laying flat on the bed of the truck and it took well over half an hour for the truck to raise the system in the air.

I had never even heard of using a pumper truck to pour cement before, but it really sold me on using one because of how fast the job was completed.

pouring cement footings

The shadow shows the hose that the concrete comes through. The hose is 6-8 inches in diameter and attaches to the concrete truck. Then the concrete man turns the concrete on and off as it is needed.

You can see the one concrete crew member signaling to the concrete control man in this picture. Most people would have thought he was waving at us taking the picture.

The pumper truck will also be used when the walls are poured.

You will have to schedule the pumper truck to be there three times.

1. When they pour the footings,

2. When they pour the walls (foundation)

3. When they pour the basement and garage floors.

It sounds hard, but it isn't. All you have to do is coordinate with your cement contractor. He may even call the pumper truck company to arrange delivery time, after you have made arrangements with them for the initial order and payment. I paid them with a check upon delivery.

Cement walls poured

Foundation walls poured on our house

The pumper truck was used when pouring the side walls or foundations too. This picture shows the walls poured before flatwork. The waterproof sealant was applied before backfilling. See waterproofing foundation HERE. and
Backfilling to your foundations HERE.

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