Your home-theater-and-audioequipment includes surround sound and is popular in today's homebuilding. It will add pleasurable theater moments in your TV and audio listening.

Entire electric control panels are available to run all your electrical home wiring through. It's a central area to work from usually found in the basement or if you don't have a basement, it may be near the garage.

With more and more high tech products coming available people seem to just have to keep up with the latest and the greatest.

Now, HD TV is making TV watching more enjoyable with crisp lines, and beautiful picture on the screen.

For your new home, you will probably want to include much of the wiring to all your rooms, upstairs and down, so TV can be watched in each room. Wiring for audio equipment and home receivers go through your control panel and generally to each room.

We had our speakers wired for surround sound, so all we had to do was plug in our speakers to the wall, and hang the speakers behind the seating area. Some people bury the speakers behind the wallboard and have a speaker cover plate put over them.

We have a connection box behind the TV which has connectors for the audio to the speakers, as well as the home theater system connectors.

Some people have an entire closet devoted to the Home-theater-and-audio-equipment wiring control panel. That works especially well in homes with no basement. Our control panel however is housed in the basement.

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