Whether you choose garage-doors-with-windows or without, you still have to have at least one garage door to secure your home if you have a garage. garage doors This brings you to the question as to how many garage doors you will need.

We chose to have a large 18' wide door. I guess RL thought I'd be less likely to hit the wall if there was a “wide” area to enter and exit through. =o)

Really tho, we have always been partial to the wide look. The reality is that if you have one door per car, people aren't seeing into your entire garage every time you open your garage door. This would tend, perhaps, toward more garage security.

Another question you need to consider is whether to have an insulated door or not? We got an insulated door this time.

Having had an uninsulated door before, the difference is significant. The insulated door is considerably heavier, and I'm told holds up better. It also costs more, but again, I'm told, it's worth it.

Selecting your doors

There are garage doors with windows, or plain garage doors without windows. You can get many designs.

Garage door opener

The automatic garage door opener is a must so you can open the door without getting out of your car.

The biggest drawback is if an animal darts in, or out of your garage, while it is closing, it will cross the laser beam and reverse the command. Sometimes we have returned home to find the door is open when we were sure we closed it.

We have a cat who resides in the garage (better the garage than the house when you are allergic to cats – they do keep the mice away) and she has learned that she can run in or out when she hears the door opening or closing.

There is a keypad outside the garage-doors-with-windows, that we can open the door from outside the car using a password. So if you are out working in the yard and need to enter the garage without going “all the way around” to the side door, you can put in your password and have access.

Building your new home step by step

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