With closet-organizers, especially walk-in closet organizers, you are able to make much better use of your closet space.

Storage rack systems can be purchased in wire form, or metal shelves, plus you can build wooden storage systems that are very usable too.

RL, my husband, found some simple wire rack systems for our master bedroom closet-organizers that were cost effective and extremely usable too. We each have the same system, however they are arranged differently. The neat thing about wire racks is the multitude of ways of arranging them. They can be arranged to fit your needs; his and hers, childrens toys and clothes, teenagers books, clothes and CD's/DVD's, etc.

Men and young children have need of very little full length hanging area for clothes, where a woman may have many long dresses and robes etc., so your side of the closet can be totally differently laid out than your spouses' side of the closet.

Of course, wooden shelving and dowels for hanging clothing, can be arranged as mentioned above for men women and children. The big difference is the versatility of the wire rack systems, where a wooden type system may not be as versatile. There are wooden shelving units you can buy already pre-made which have holes punched in them every so many inches. You can move shelf holders to different levels to vary the shelf height.

Some shelving is metal and is good for storing heavier items such as canned goods or other food storage items. Food storage shelving is very important, since food needs to be kept up off the basement or cement floor so that the food (especially dried food)_ will not sweat and spoil the food.

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